Ab Workout A6W


The best fitness plan for your abs


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Ab workout A6W is a fitness plan for your abs to help you achieve visible results that will motivate you to keep improving in your exercises.

Basically, the app will create a custom training plan for you with a series of floor exercises, thanks to which you'll get a more solid abdomen. The plan consists of a set of exercises that won't take longer than five minutes and that you'll have to do six times a week.

The greatest advantage of Ab workout A6W is that it shows you a visual representation of the exercise to be done and also tells you (out loud) what you have to do and how many times you have to do it. This way, you can keep your phone next to you and easily follow its instructions.

Ab workout A6W is a very useful training plan that, while it will prove quite helpful in achieving your goal of getting a solid abdomen, doesn't give it to you on a platter. You'll also need quite a lot of willpower to get the most out of the app.